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This page is used to organize efforts to create new content on the wiki by listing two things: requested articles and draft articles. If there's a specific article you'd like to see, you can ask about it on the Talk page (or on the Discord) to have it added here. If there's an article on the requests list you'd like to work on, feel free to make a draft for it. And if you're working on a draft, you can add it here to let people know! (coming soon: some sort of system to indicate how much of a priority creating each article is)

Draft articles[edit source]

Requested articles[edit source]

Identity labels[edit source]

  • Soulbonding - a connection to an external entity, usually fictional
  • Otherhuman
  • Endel
  • Hearthome

Experiences, phenomena, culture[edit source]

  • Always Watching the Otherkin
  • Symbols in the alterhuman community

Groups, forums, communities[edit source]

  • alt.horror.werewolves - the usenet community that spawned the therian/were community
  • The Silver Elves

Bigger issues / intersectional / impacted by identity[edit source]

  • Otherkin and mental health
  • Otherkin and religion
  • Otherkin and environmentalism

Media, publications[edit source]

  • Otherkin in academia
  • Otherkin in the media

Species / phenotypes[edit source]

See also: Species identity sources

  • Angel
  • Conceptkin(/objectkin? unsure if enough material for two separate ones)
  • Demon
  • Elenari - a community of space elves that share a specific culture and memories of homeworlds
  • Fae
  • Merfolk
  • Polymorph
  • Vampire (kintype, as opposed to the vampire lifestyle / 'real vampire' community)
  • Void
  • Wolf